To Heidi, yoga is so much more than a sequence of physical poses; it is a method of systematically listening to and improving our relationship with our bodies and minds. Heidi first came to yoga in 2007 to recover and find nourishment after a violin-playing related injury. Her own healing process inspired a deep fascination with the therapeutic and meditative aspects of yoga. She delights in creating a space for students to discover their wholeness and innate healing potential through playful self-inquiry. An avid student of anatomy, movement, and psychology, Heidi's classes are infused with an inventive spirit while also creating a place from which we can access more of our power and grow into our potential.  She is a Certified Yoga Tune Up® and Aligned Flow teacher, and is ever grateful for her incredible teachers Jill Miller, Leslie Kaminoff, Bo Forbes, and Dana Covello. 

Heidi is available for private and group sessions and workshops. Please contact me for more information!